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Loc Extensions Real Or Fake?

Updated: Feb 2

Everyone wants to know what the hype is about when it comes to Loc Extensions. So I'm here, answering some questions to clear up those looming thoughts when it comes to this trendy new but old hairstyle.

Firstly, let me run my bio to you. So you know that all this info you're about to receive is from a reputable, knowledgeable and experienced source. Well, That be me Stylist Ve! I'm from Philly born and raised. I've been doing hair for 28yrs. I am a Licensed Cosmetologist for 13yrs and a trained Loctician for 8yrs. I've taught a Natural Hair course at Temple University's PASCEP Program and now I train and teach classes on several different subjects about hair and how to be a Loctician. I started doing Loc Extensions about 8 yrs ago. Back then it wasn't really that popular. Now more and more people are requesting Loc Extensions. My resume includes New York Fashion Week, A short film called " The Rainbow Prince", Platform Artist at Natural Hair Events/Shows, Hair Artist For "Original Moxie" at Sephora, I've worked and trained under the best Hair Artists in the City of Philadelphia, which eventually led me to open a salon Called Beautiful Freedom Natural Hair Studio which I now own and have been operating for 7 yrs. My top service is... Can you guess? If you guessed Loc Extensions then you're right!

Can/Are Loc Extensions (be) permanent?

Yes! They are permanent, If they are installed properly. There is a specific technique that must be used in order to achieve permanent Loc Extensions.

Are Loc Extensions Bad for your hair?

No, if done correctly. A lot of stylists and people on Youtube show you how to do an install but never the importance of the grid. AKA (LOC PARTING STYLE) If this is not done properly, then your hair will be weighed down and this will cause breakage and/or traction alopecia.

Are Loc Extensions Real?

Yes! The hair is 100% Human Hair. You can color it, cut it, and curl it. Some people brush it, if you decide to get Loc Extensions with curly ends then you may have to comb it from time to time to keep it from locin up.

Are Loc Extensions worth it?

Yes!! They are more than worth it! Let's do the math on average the cost to get locs installed and retwisted on a regular basis (about every 3 weeks). $125 Starter Locs $80 Loc Retwist. The total Cost for two years of maintaining will be about $2,700. On average, Loc Extensions start at $1500 and can go up depending on hair type, color, length, parting style and quality of hair. So not only are you saving over $1000, you are skipping the two year time frame that it takes for Locs to be fully matured.

If you have any questions and would like to book a consultation for Loc Extensions click this link Beautiful Freedom!

Would you like to read more about Loc Extensions?

  • Yes!! More Please!

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